Welcome to Osteria la Pioppa

The word Osteria comes from the Latin hospitem and its origin remembers that the function of an osteria is to host and to welcome.
This is what we do every day at Osteria la Pioppa; we believe that our work is not only to serve foods but also to take care of people while they’re at us. It’s a big responsibility because our guests entrust us one of their greatest asset: their time.

Our restaurant is in Taglio di Po. Osteria la Pioppa is one of the oldest meeting points in our town and maybe of the entire Polesine. Different generations lived inside the walls of the Osteria, drinking wine, eating meals, celebrating anniversaries and events and, above all, having fun with friends. We’re very proud to carry on the work of osti who have preceded us and to open our doors each day to serve good wines and quality foods.

At lunch you can find a prix fixe menu with the plates of our traditions such as, among others, pasta with ragù, bigoli in salsa, meatballs, liver Venice way, pilchards in saor, tripe and stockfish.
You can also find an a la carte menu for who wants to concede herself or himself something special. In the a la carte menu you can find our homemade fresh pasta and the best beef cuts: tenderloin and T-bone steak.

The symbol of an osteria is the glass of wine, and Osteria la Pioppa is no exception: for our wine list we choose the wines that better represent our territory changing them according to the season and to menu to ensure you can always find the best wine for all the occasions.

Are you looking for a restaurant in Taglio di Po? If we whet your appetite call us and come to us! Osteria La Pioppa is inside the river Po’s Delta Regional Park, between Venice and Ferrara.