Our territory

A territory shaped by water where more than one thousand plant species could be counted and which hosts more than 300 species of birds and 400 different animal species between mammals, reptiles, amphibia and fishes.

A coast where you can find quiet beaches with a wild charm where we love to relax taking sunbaths and swimming in the sea when the summer is particulary hot.

The products of the soil and of the sea: rice, honey, corn we use to make polenta, truffle of Porto Viro’s pine forest, pigs which meat we use to produce cold meats, game, ducks and hares, IGP mussels of Scardovari, clams and the fish everyday we put on the table.

Women and men who, during the centuries, worked to drain these lands and make them livable, as it’s witnessed by the museo della bonifica of Ca’ Vendramin.
Our traditions, secular and religious feasts, as Madonna del Vaiolo and palio della carriola.

Po river’s delta is all of this: a territory where nature and man lives in armony and help each other. Osteria la Pioppa could not exist in a different place.

From 1997 regione Veneto protects this area with the delta del Po regional park, which subsequently became interregional park later the union with Emilia-Romagna’s parco del delta. In 2015 also UNESCO interested at our places and they decided to proclaim Po river’s delta biosphere reserve.

Our town, Taglio di Po, is inside the park terrotory and it was born more than four centuries ago. In the year 1600 Republic of Venice decided to make and important hydraulic work to deviate Po’s course to avoid its lagoon to be buried by debris brought by the river. It takes four years of works to complete the opera, and in 1604 the new branch was opened and it started to create our delta. This great engineering work created our town and gave it its name.

If you love nature, history, and food you will find that our territory are an heaven on heart; believe us, the trip it’s worth.