Easter menu 2019

Easter menu 2019

We left winter behind our shoulders, spring is coming bringing with it Easter. It’s on opportunity to sit down at table with your family or your friends.

At Osteria we’re already begun working to prepare Easter lunch in the best way possible. We’ve a special menu, only for Easter Sunday lunch.


The appetizers are our golose stuzzicherie, a dish to share. In this occasion we have changed it with seasonal vegetables. Among other stuzzicherie you will find fried courgettes flowers, a carduus flan with Castelmagno dop fondue, a crouton with apple, squaquerone and ham, mango tartar and asparagus with quail egg and salty eggnog.


First course

As first course we propose two recipes with our home made fresh pasta, as usual. The first one is caramelle with saffron, crispy bacon and almonds slices. The second one is gnocchetti of ricotta with asparagus cream.

Caramelle with saffron and crispy bacon
Caramelle with saffron and crispy bacon

Main course

The main course is a beef tenderloin with smoked salt and artichokes.


To end the lunch we will serve a mocaccino parfait with white chocolate fondue.

What is the price of the menu? 35 euro per person, including water, wine and an espresso. To reserve your table you can just run to Osteria, write us a mail, contact us on social, or simply give us a call. Here you can find out all our contacts.

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